pesci2 150x150 - Fresh Fish Speciality Restaurant – Raw Seafood – CacciuccoFresh fish has always been an important part of Mediterranean cuisine: the age old Italian culinary tradition with time has been able to create unforgettable dishes, appreciated all over the world and which have become famous in their own right; obviously to sample the original flavours it is necessary to go to the place where they were created and handed down from generation to generation.

cacciucco 150x150 - Fresh Fish Speciality Restaurant – Raw Seafood – Cacciucco

A city like Livorno located on the Mediterranean which has grown through the centuries thanks to its sea location to become one of the most popular ports in the country is certainly the ideal place to sample raw seafood specialities which are prepared according to the dictates of tradition and revived with a modern touch.

Le Volte is a restaurant serving raw seafood specialities which was opened to be a haven for all seafood lovers and all those that love dining in an elegant, refined location on the sea front. Passing time here is always an enriching experience and never a mere meal.

This restaurant offers really unforgettable raw seafood specialities as well as first courses with shellfish and scampi prepared with fresh homemade pasta.

The Le Volte restaurant is available for business dinners, business lunches and wedding receptions as well as to commemorate any other special moment of your life.

For more information about our raw seafood specialities please do not hesitate to contact us.

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